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Saturday, April 19, 2014
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All Fun & Games Moving: 220 W. Chatham

All Fun & Games has finalized plans to move the business to downtown Cary this weekend. As a result, we will be closed for the move on May 18th and May 19th (this coming Saturday & Sunday); the store will be re-opened in the new location on Wednesday, May 22nd, whereupon our regular draft and retail operations will continue.

Our new address will be 220 W. Chatham St., Cary, NC 27511. A map of the location can be found here (Google Maps). The building is located centrally in downtown Cary and is surrounded by some excellent local businesses, including Roma's Italian (pizza / Italian food) within a 1-minute walk, Ashworth's, Maximilian's, Blue Moon Bakery, and Little Caesar's. You can find a map to local restaurants here

Our new location is seen above. We have our own, separate side-entrance that's located on the mural side of the building. Coming from N. Harrison, we're located immediately after the train tracks, past Roma's, and across from the train station. The parking lot is in front of the painted wall.

Other than that, all our events and product offerings are staying largely the same. We'll have a few new Magic products in stock shortly that we're excited to carry, but there'll be more info on that at a later time. We're remaining open at the current location through FNM this Friday, but will be closed on May 18th & 19th (Sat/Sun) to move. Come see our new store on May 22nd and draft!

- Steve.

Dragon's Maze Pre-Release Will STAY at 487 James Jackson!

This post is just an update on our MTG Dragon's Maze pre-release events and other impending store tournaments. Our calendar has additional info.

We will be open at our normal hours this weekend (20th and 21st) at the 487 James Jackson location and will be running regularly-scheduled Gatecrash (GTC) drafts and sealed events. The Dragon's Maze (DGM) pre-release events will also be held at our 487 James Jackson location. Here's the full break-down (get details on individual events here):

  • April 19th: FNM (GTC 2HG) at 6:30PM.
  • April 20th: Sealed Deck (GTC) at 3:00PM. HeroClix at 12PM.
  • April 21st: Win-A-Box Standard at 1PM. Draft at 1:30PM.

Let's get to the pre-release stuff.

Dragon's Maze Pre-Release Tournaments - Cary, NC (487 James Jackson)

Our officially-sanctioned Dragon's Maze Magic: The Gathering tournaments will be hosted at the following dates/times at our 487 James Jackson Ave, Cary, NC 27513 location. Call 919.468.6322 if questions arise.

  • April 26th (Friday)
    • Normal FNM (GTC) at 6:30PM.
    • Win-A-Box Standard Tournament at 7:00PM.
    • Special MIDNIGHT Dragon's Maze Pre-Release at 11:59PM.
  • April 27th (Saturday)
    • Dragon's Maze Pre-Release at 10AM.
    • Dragon's Maze 2HG Pre-Release at 3:30PM.
    • Dragon's Maze special 'after hours' Pre-Release at 8PM.
  • April 28th (Sunday)
    • Dragon's Maze Pre-Release at 10AM.
    • Dragon's Maze Pre-Release at 3:30PM


Just to clarify one final time: We will not be relocating to our new location until a later time, this has been postponed. We will be staying at the 487 James Jackson (current) location until further notice -- we will remain open at normal hours this week and will be open for the pre-release events, all at the James Jackson location.

Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions:

  • 919.468.6322
  • This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
See you out here!
- Steve.

Return to Ravnica Constructed Deck Events

Are you itching for a chance to take your new Return to Ravnica cards for a spin? This is your perfect opportunity! All Fun and Games is launching a new Magic: The Gathering event series, starting October 13th. We will be hosting a constructed deck tournament every Saturday at 11:00. The only cards that are going to be legal in the event are the soon-to-be-released Return to Ravnica set, and the M13 Core Set. With just a $6 entry fee and a mere 8 player minimum, your chances are pretty good to win...

FABULOUS PRIZES! The first two places each week will be awarded a high-value foil card that will be announced each week. Watch Facebook for more announcements. Further prize support will be determined by the number of participants.

So after you've loaded up on your Return to Ravnica booster boxes (we are now taking pre-orders for October 5 delivery!), put your newly acquired cards together in a new and exciting deck! Will you overload, unleash, detain, populate, or scavenge?

Return to Ravnica Event Details

Return to Ravnica Pre-Release Weekend Events, September 29 and 30

All Fun & Games is now taking pre-registrations for our Return to Ravnica Pre-Release Events. We are hosting $25 sealed-deck events at the following times:


Saturday: 10AM & 3PM; Two-Headed Giant at 2PM

Sunday: 10AM and 2PM

Registrations begin one hour before the event start time, and space is limited. Please call us at 919-468-6322 or stop in during business hours to reserve your spot today!

Guild Information

We are not currently taking pre-registrations for guild assignments. Assignments will be made by lottery at registration.

Here's how it will work: each participant will place his or her name in two "hats" for first and second choice guilds. This amount will exceed the allotted player amount for the guild. Then names will be drawn out of each hat, one at a time, until that guild has reached its maximum for the event. If your name is not drawn for your first or second choice guild, you will be assigned a guild. It's far from perfect, but it gives everyone an equal chance.

The number of members for each guild will be based on the number of entrants. We will need to have roughly equal numbers of participants in each guild for each event. So, unfortunately, we will not be able to accommodate all guild requests.

Questions? Call or stop by and we will do our best to answer them.

New Board Game League!

Are you ready for a little friendly competition? The Asynchronous Tabletop Gaming League launches September 6th! 

Starting in September, we will choose two “FEATURED GAMES” which will be kept in-stock and sold at 25% off for the duration of league play. The games will be announced and demos will be offered at our regularly scheduled Board Game Night, Thursday, September 6, at 6 PM. An administrative fee of just $3 per tournament gives you six weeks to complete three rounds of competitive play at whatever time works best for you! Just contact your bracket partners, set your own schedule and bring us your score card when you’re finished.

So join us on September 6th for an opportunity to meet the competition, play some practice games, and register for one or both tournaments.


All league games must be played in-store.

Prizes start at $10 (store credit) and will increase based on participation.

Registration fee is $3 per tournment, or play both for $5.

AF&G will use tournament software to randomly assign bracket positions; it is the responsibility of all participants to arrange game dates and times.

Clix4aCure - 9/22/12


Event details for Clix for a Cure are now available!

When: September 22, 2012. Registration begins at 9 AM.

Where: All Fun & Games, 487 James Jackson Ave, Cary, NC

Cost: $30 CASH ONLY


Event 1: 400 Points Sealed Grab Bag

Each player will build a 400 point team from a provided grab bag. Three rounds. Top eight make the finals. Prizes (TBA) for first and second place.

Event 2A: 400 Points Constructed. Top four in points and wins from these two events will advance to the finals, in addition to those noted below.

Silver age: All DC, Marvel, Indy figures are legal. No BFC/Feats/Pogs. May use ATAs and Modern Age Special Objects. Three rounds. Top two make the finals. Prizes (TBA) for first and second place.

Event 2B: 400 Points Open Constructed

Silver Age: All Heroclix lines are legal, no BFC/Feats/Pogs. Three rounds. Top two make the finals. Prizes (TBA) for first and second place.

Didn't make the top sixteen? This event is for you!

400 Point gotham event -- you must have Batman or Joker on your team. Special Rules Apply. Marvel, DC, Indy clix only.

Prizes: Arkahm LE figure Grodd or Edward Nigma for First and Second place.

Final Event: 300 Points Constructed: Modern Age

Top eight players from sealed and constructed events.

Prizes: Brick of Galactic Guardians, Thanos(chase), sealed Marvel 10th Anniversary display, Infinity Gauntlet figures, GSX War, All Hulked-Out Heroes, Frodo and Sam(chase), Zangeif(chase), Chun-Li(chase), Ultimates set, Supernova set, Gandalf, Nazgul, One of the Nine, CUR sets(GSX, 75th, B&B, CA, IH, SM, GC, CW), Edward Nigma LE, Grood LE, Thor'sChariot, Enterprise E, HMS Bounty, BIBTB Joker, Spider-man, Guantlets and gems, and more.

PLUS Silent auctions, raffles, and more!

If you would like to donate prizes or money, would like to participate, or need more information, please contact:

Richard Thompson: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (Subject line: Clix4aCure Event)


Standard Constructed Tourney: Win a Foil Tamiyo!

We'll be giving away a foil Tamiyo, the Moon Sage and foil Cavern of Souls at our upcoming Magic: The Gathering constructed standard tournament this weekend. The tournament will be hosted on Saturday, June 2nd, and starts promptly at 6PM -- free pizza will be available to all tournament players. There's more tournament information below.

Standard Constructed Tournament Details

When: Saturday, June 2nd at 6PM. Registration starts at 5PM.

Where: All Fun & Games, 487 James Jackson Ave, Cary, NC 27513. Please let us know if you're coming so we can secure a slot. You can do so by clicking this link.

Format: Standard constructed with 60-card decks, 15-card sideboards, using Standard Legal sets (read more about these on Wizards' website). Rounds will last 50-minutes. Please bring a decklist with you.

Prizes: With 16 players, a foil Tamiyo, the Moons Sage will be awarded to 1st place; a foil Cavern of Souls will be awarded to the 2nd place player. If more than 16 players are present, we will scale the tournament accordingly and add more prize options for other ranks.

If fewer than 16 players are present, 1st and 2nd place will instead split (70/30) an All Fun & Games gift certificate valued for the full entry fees of all players combined.

Registration: $7.50, opening at 5PM on June 2nd. We'd encourage you to let us know you're coming by registering for the event on our calendar.

Have Questions? For any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or phone: (919-468-6322). You can view the full details of the event here.

Looking for more? We have private gaming rooms available for anyone who'd like to call ahead and reserve one for a specific time, just let us know how many people are in your party and we'll ensure you get a gaming space.

In addition to this big tournament, we'll be hosting a promotional $10 draft on Sunday, starting at 1PM. Doors open at 12PM for those who'd like to get here early.

All Fun and Games 2012 April-June Warhammer Fantasy/40K League

This league is for players who have played in the slow grow league and now want to learn to master their fully fledged armies, as well as for players who have existing armies who just like Warhammer in general. The theme of this League will be Missions, which will be put out each week via email. The league’s format will be 2000-point armies.

Read more: All Fun and Games 2012 April-June Warhammer Fantasy/40K League

Avacyn Launch Event!

As you might have seen on our events page, we'll have $15 booster drafts + a Promo Card giveaway on Friday morning at midnight. We'll also be holding $13 fire-when-ready booster drafts on Friday, starting at 3PM, and FNM / standard tournaments starting at 6:30 PM.
If that wasn't enough MTG for you, we'll also have Avacyn Restored sealed events on Saturday + a Promo Card giveaway for $20, starting at high noon! We'll have fire-when-ready Avacyn drafts all day on Saturday.
Also on Saturday, a $5 Standard Constructed event will begin at 6:30 PM and will include prize support!
Pokemon players can look forward to playing on Saturday as well, starting at 10AM.
Avacyn drafts will continue on Sunday, starting at noon, for an amazing $10. That's right! $10 for a full draft.
Finally, Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament play will be hosted every Sunday at 1:30PM.
See you all there!
-Steve & Chris.

Nearby Places to Eat!

Gamers like food.

Well, at least, some of them do. This one is included:

If you're not too familiar with our new location, we're lucky enough to be placed right between several well-established restaurants and faster-ish food shops. We do have food on-site, but if you're looking for something more, you know, "healthy," then grab some food at any one of these places and come back for more gaming!

  • Jimmy John's
  • Starbucks
  • Brueggars
  • Panera Bread
  • Rockwell's Cafe
  • Brig's
  • Mellow Mushroom Pizza

Did we miss one? Tell us on our facebook page and we'll add it for everyone to see!


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